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Re: Sperm discharge in urine

I'm what some would call a middle-aged man I've personally experienced these things that you are. I worried like you are now, and have spent my money in a doctors office/urologist office, just for him to smile and tell me that what I was experiencing was normal. Sperm and seminal discharge in/when urinating or having a bowel movement is nothing to worry about. This is all normal. Some men have these experiences, and some don't. Just like the wet dreams. No need to stop masturbating. This will not solve your problem. As we get older, a lot of these things stop on their own. Just try and enjoy your body. It's amazing isn't it! Just when we think that we know all about it, it gives us something new to wonder about. If there is no pain or blood involved. No swelling or unusual growth/lumps, then most likely you are fine.

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