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Is 36 to young for basal joint arthroplasty surgery

I'm 36, but have had ongoing issues with my hands for years due to wear and tear from my job. Just last year I had 2 hand surgeries. On my left hand I had 2 trigger fingers released and an MCP joint arthrotomy to remove scar tissue. And on my right hand, just a few months ago, I had a deqervains release surgery.

After the deqervains surgery I was still having quite a bit of pain and I noticed that my thumb pops and cracks when I moved it. After additional testing my doctor diagnosed it as osteoarthritis with mild subluxation in the basal joint. He has recommended a 3rd hand surgery, basal joint arthroplasty.

You would think after having 2 hand surgeries already I'd not be concerned or worried about having surgery again. But I am, mostly because I've read how much bigger and badder this surgery is, with a much longer recovery. I can't afford to take that much time off work, and I can't help but wonder if I should even have this surgery. I'm 36, is arthritis surgery like this the best thing to do at my age? Removing bones and moving tendons, yikes!

I'm just not sure what I should do, and after having a not so good outcome from my second hand surgery I am really hesitant to have another, especially one that is so much bigger.

Any thoughts and advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

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