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Re: My Journey to come off of PPI's (At 2 weeks)

Also, I'm not sure If I should put this here, but I guess it's related, because all of our lives are affected by this disease/condition. Without going into too much detail about my life, I'm in my mid-20's right now, and I used to have several jobs, and my last one before this disease started to kick in was probably the best one (looking back). It was definitely stressful at times, but when I was healthy back then, it was really not bad, and I was working full time, without any issues. Long story short, I had a few health issues start up (this one included), and I couldn't perform the job [without having pain, or other issues], so I had to quit. I quit without giving enough notice, as well.

After not working at all, my parents were generous enough to let me work at our family business. After a lot of time passed, and after some goods and some bads, I'm at the point where my entire family wants me to get another job. I know health is never an excuse when you are a grown individual, but to say it has no effect on you is just plain wrong...I'm not only going to have to get a new job, but I'm going to have to learn to manage this condition at the same time.

Sorry about ranting...just wanted to get that off my chest. Sometimes you don't realize how much your health, or health problems, change your life.

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