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Re: Blind Spots In Peripheral Vision

Originally Posted by HEARTSY LADY View Post
Sorry for not updating sooner.
Retina specialist says everything is fine from an eye standpoint. The opthalmologists suggest I go back to nero-opthalmolgist. Going back soon although it's sure to b a waste of time and money. Since my last appointment to opthalmologist, I've developed more vision loss in left eye (I now have 6 areas of blind spots at the present time). I also have distorted vision in both eyes (looks as though things are hazy and moving when looking at objects, pics etc). So things just keep getting worse and I'm not sure what step to take next!
Dear heartsy, im up in early a.m. ij pain & something crossed my mind that i wanted to tell you & idk why i havent thought of it before. Once when i was in the hospital with back surgery my roomate was in for visual disturbances & the drs said that she had MS. Usually double vision was a sign but she had blind spots. Later they found an aneurysm by her optic nerve not ms so i wanted you to make sure they do testing for both & other systemic diseases if they havnt already. Mayo is a great idea in my opinion. Still hoping & praying for a miracle from God.