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Premature Ejaculation

Hi,im a 30yo male with bad p.e problem

ive been with the gf for nearly 5 years now and sex hasnt always been great.
we are both totally fine about our bodies so there's no problem there. Ya'd think we been together that long we'd be used to each other by now and can relax around each other...not like when you first meet someone.

it just seems as im getting older,i cant seem to last long.when i mean long,i mean 2-5 mins tops.
When i was younger being single hanging about with mates and having 1 night stands or 'short' relationships,i never had a problem.
Its really getting to me and i know im not satisfyin the gf,even tho she says its fine..we sometimes go again when im ready..but thats not the point.
There has been times we didnt have sex for at least 3 months,i just kept puttin off and not being in mood. There's been times ive been in a mood with myself an tellin her to get it off someone else where she can ejoy it..but thats the mouth doing the talking LOL

We do roleplay some nights rather than having sex as that can be just as good AND i havnt a problem there,even with oral, i can enjoy it and relax myself. The problem is down to sex,especially with me on top (missionary?) .
I really dont know what the problem is,soon as we start i feel like ejaculating

i have tired delay condoms,didnt do much tbh. I have tried viagra 1 night,didnt do much either but we think its cos we had a drink that night and it ruled out??

Can anyone help and try give a bit of advice.


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