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Re: low ferritin, weird symptoms

Originally Posted by Heatherx5 View Post
You are welcome. You can do what lady has said too, get tested for Celiac's. I always forget about that one but there is a test for it and it might be worth looking into. As far as the off balance goes I have my good days and bad. I was at one point waking up with it, I actually had nose surgery because of some sinus issues to try and get rid of it. Nope. I regret it, because this whole time it has been the anemia! I have more good days now, maybe get it a few times a week rather then waking up with it all day everyday!
Heather - I have been tested for Celiac and do not have it BUT do have an interolerance to it. Thank you for the info on Hemaplex...I will definetly look into that!