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Unhappy Re: Kind of an IBS newbie, feeling very lost & hopeless...

I know that stress and worry is only going to make things worse, but like you said, it's hard not to..especially after that experience yesterday. I could hardly even sleep last night because I was so frustrated/lost/upset. I have only been to two GI's who are in the same is actually father and son. I saw the son a few years ago and this time was the father. I think it may help if I go to a GI in a completely different practice. This GI is an older man and I feel as if he is not necessarily "up to date" on newer IBS treatments. I have done my own research and he's telling me that there's pretty much nothing else that can be done for me when I've found numerous possibilities. I feel like he gave up on me, which doesn't give me any hope.

My family and friends are supportive but I feel like they don't actually understand what I go through, because in all honesty they don't since they don't have IBS. I mean it's better than no support so I'm not totally trying to tackle this alone.

Thank you do much for your offer to help, it's what I really need. I need advice from someone who has struggled with IBS and knows what works/what may not work. I know it depends on the person, but at least suggestions are a start to getting myself on track to feeling better.

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