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Re: Starting Fresh - looking at thyroid removal

Originally Posted by fedup20 View Post
Once upon a time, I recall that docs sent out your blood work report that had details of what was found. No more. Docs here now have their nurse call to simply say, Your bloodwork is fine, you are functioning normally. Asking the questions is new because I don't know what to ask for really.
Federal law guarantees you a right to a written copy of your medical records, including labwork. If the office staff refuses to photocopy your lab report, just whisper "HIPAA" in their stubborn little ear. They'll really hop to it, wait and see.

You can learn what to ask, just as those here who are being optimally treated have learned. Start with a copy of Thyroid for Dummies by Dr. Alan Rubin. It contains all the basics of thyroid function/dysfunction.

As Surfing mentioned, endos are the absolute pits at treatment of hypothyroidism. In the 10 years I've been a member here, I can count on two hands the number of good ones. It's doubtful that the "highly recommended" endos you've seen are good at much besides diabetes. You can do better on that count.

It's okay to be defensive - to a point - but it's better to be pro-active to get what you want. In the very beginning of my thyroid adventure, I tried fighting with my then-primary MD about my self-diagnosis. I had to self-refer to an endo [ um hum LOL ] who, to her credit, provided the diagnosis that the primary denied. But her method of treatment was a disaster. I then had to move on to a holistic MD who provides me to this day with optimal thyroid replacement.

That's my advice. Channel that aggravation and anger into a productive search for a better thyroid doc. They're out there. Try asking pharmacists around your area for names of MDs who prescribe Armour or Cytomel. Ones who do generally provide better thyroid care than ones who won't. (Endos rarely Rx these drugs, BTW.)
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