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Re: BPPV , can u please share expirence with the elpley - did it work for u ?

Hi...It was a very difficult time, probably the worst for me ever. I was working full time in education for the first year of having it....I didn't go back after the summer break because I was so bad.

As I look back, I started Sudafed daily for helping with sinuses, and that also seemed to help a bit with my balance...meaning it took the edge off and I was able to function a bit better. Walking felt like I was on a long swinging bridge, even putting a towel on my head felt put me into a spin and pressed me was so weird.

The nystagmus were severe, depending on how I moved and I guess which ear was affected at whatever movement.

I was sent to another specialist by my ENT who could do further testing, etc. It took like 6 months to see him, and the day I had the testing, I was pretty good. (that was already a year and a half 24/7 symptomatic) He did the Epley for me, mild symptoms, and I guess it helped a bit for a few days. So, not as bad as he expected considering the symptoms I was explaining, and he told me to come back when i was more symptomatic...and of course that didn't take long. I called and was refused an appointment immediately, so I never went back.

On that note, I started the Epley myself for the left ear, I tried the Semont for the right ear...I flipped, I turned, i did eye exercises, I didn't favour either side, I slept however..etc.

Eventually, the right ear cleared with the, that was scary because I thought the spinning would never end...but it did. I was a good girl and didn't sleep on that side for a few days.

then I started the Epley for the left side...eventually it subsided. I had many ups and downs with it. I purchased a good book called "BPPV: What you Need to Know"...that helped a lot. I also had "Feeling Dizzy" by Brian Blakley..that was the Doctor I saw, actually.

There's really nothing scary about doing the Epley...I do it when I'm feeling a bit off as well...maybe a bit sludgy in the canals. It helps.

I do it on my bed, head leaning back over the foot edge and on the right side (facing the bed). Reason is that it's my left ear I do, and it's easy to end on that side of the bed in the last sitting position.

Try to keep things in perspective. You have the opportunity to do it yourself at your convenience and a few times a day.

Don't stop the spinning...wait it out, because it will subside. Have your head facing to the left (if it's your left side affected). Don't move it except to hang it over the edge of the bed. (it will be in basically a 45 degree angle, sort of like this \_\ ) Lie there till the dizziness is over or whatever feeling is over. Then just move your head to the right, angle the same as the left was, looking line this /_/ . Stay there until whatever feelings are done...not less than 30 seconds, and maybe as long as a minute or more. then roll over with your head facing down, but don't change the angle of the position that it was when turned to the right, like this / 7 .
Stay there for whatever time you need.
Then sit up...NOT moving the angle, and remain there till all is calm.

Basically, your head will be moving from left to right, putting the fluid through the canal through positioning your head/body.

I'd do it morning when I got up, maybe once during the day, and before bedtime.

The point....whatever ear is affected, have your head turned in that direction to start. End it with the head in the opposite direction.

I wouldn't do the Hallpike inbetween.

Keep us posted how you do.

It's all a matter of perspective!
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