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Re: 8 months post stroke

hi guy, I don't mind talking about anything. I'm here to help if I can? as long as us with experience are talking, others are learning. please understand, my stroke occurred 10/02/1992I was in a coma for 9 days following. when I woke up, after being able to see and hear everything going on, the words "stroke" and "Paralyzed" never clicked in my mind! it was my wife- your mom-Mona, who had to tell me I'd had a stroke and was paralyzed on my once dominant left side. everyone mentions how lucky we are to have survived, I think I'm the only one here? who's hospital records actually state me s being clinically dead for 6 full minutes. needless to say, at age 42, was quite a shock to me! sleep the next few weeks was intermittent at best. I cried, I prayed to die in my sleep, then was afraid to sleep cause I might?

the deadness/heaviness feelings were there from the start, more like pins an needles over my entire left side. from my left ear down to my little toe on my left foot. my hand bothered me the most, each finger was tingling and burning. at about 6 months the feeling began coming back in them one finger joint at a time, after another month or so my hand felt normal though I've never regained much actual use of anything, ( a small bit in my leg) for the most part, the pins an needles are gone from my entire body there are some places, shoulder subluxed, left hip pain, and foot pain, nothing unbearable. everything from my ear down just feels deadness and heaviness. I have full feelings everywhere, no place is numb.

good luck to you my friend and god bless


PS. Janet asked me to tell everyone bye, I'm sure Mulchie would ask the same
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