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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?

So sorry, yes I meant without withdrawals. My family doctor which is the me overseeing my pain meds says he does not think tapering off fentanyl helps. He thinks it is easier to just tuff it out and says the withdrawals will only last a few days.
I am not even sure I can function without fantanyl. I do have chronic pain mainly from cp but also RA. I am wanting to get off the patch for more than one reason. The main one is the worry of one day having to deal with coming off it. I am on 100 mcg now and it does help but I don't want to be on it forever. I am afraid the longer I am on it the harder it will be to get off. The other reason which is not a good one is that the RA is getting worse and one thing that does help is soaking in a hot bath or hot tub. Also using a heating pad is a big help. Of course all of theses are limited with the patch on.
I still have daily pain that is keeps me from functioning even with the patch and oxycodone. So, I might be wishing for something I can't have, I have to admit I am a control freak, I miss life without all theses meds in my system and just trying to find a way to have as much control as possible.
One more thing, I was a Probation Officer before I was forced to take a early retirement. I have seen what drugs do to,people and it scares the craph out of me. I know there is a difference in taking needed meds and the miss use of drugs. But, my fear is the outcome is often the same,
Btw, I don't think I said this but, my doctors are not recommending me go off any of my meds. They do not think it is a option. I am looking for answers cause as we all know they are nt always right 😊