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OK, I just joined the wrapped club. Sore all over.

After 3 years of taking meds that don't work (80mg Nexium and 300mg Zantac) I made up my mind to get it done. Had it yesterday, stayed overnight, and got home 3 hours ago. Man am I sore. Just breathing deeply hurts. The morning after the surgery, I had to get a barium swallow. Doc does this to ensure there are no leaks in the wrap. Got some anti neasua meds and Tylenol 3 with Codiene.

My biggest complaint is the air or gas they fill you with to perform the wrap. My neck, my shoulder, my whole upper torso.

After the barium, I was able to eat something. I had some chicken broth, jello, and a little yogert. All went down fine. Docs instructions: Full liquid and clear. Either or. Then after 4-5 days I can start on a soft diet. No lifting, no heavy recreation. Walk as much as possible, that should get rid of the gas. I hope so. I do have a higher toleration for pain, but this rough. I seem to think someone else mention this. Any suggestions, anyone else experience this? Please inform me.

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