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Re: Is 36 to young for basal joint arthroplasty surgery

Thank you for your reply. Hearing from others who have had this surgery really does help, and I appreciate you taking the time to share.

I know arthritis can happen at any age, but when I first read about this surgery I read an article from an orthopedic doctor who said he excluded patients under 40 from having this surgery. Which caused me to wonder why my doctor thinks this is a good idea for me.

And what complicates my situation even more is that all of this is attached to a workers compensation claim. Which basically prevents me from getting a second opinion because once you have a treating surgeon (and this one most definitely is since he's already done 2 surgeries on me) you have to stay with that doctor. They will not pay for me to see another doctor. And after having a not so good outcome from my last surgery, I am very hesitant to do another, especially one that may or may not be right for me. I also have a limited amount of time to decide too. If too much time goes by and no progress is made, then they will close my workers comp claim. If it weren't for this factor I would probably wait, because while my pain is uncomfortable I could live with it for a while longer. I would prefer to wait until I was older, until things were worse, but if I did that my claim will be closed and my means to pay for this would be gone. So I am essentially being forced into making a decision I'm not ready to make.

Anyway, that is why I'm seeking advice. This surgery would be on my dominant hand, and I'm not sure if it would prevent me from doing my job, it could. So I just need to know what I can expect. If I have to do this now, I've at least got to be more informed on what I'm getting into.

Thank you again for responding.