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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

Ladybud...I was wondering what most people's typical SED rate is even though the range is 0-20...thanks. Yes I was wondering the same thing- if he wouldn't have told me if I hadn't pressed and then to make it like it was really nothing at all ( which compared to what some people may have, I'm sure it's minimal). He almost didn't want to seem to send me to a rheumy either...sort of brought it up like - well I could send you to a rheumatologist, of that's something you think you want to do. I said - of course I'd like to go, I'd like to have someone figure out what's going on with me.

WoodsWalker- you couldn't be more right. I am going to get all of my info from him and RUN away as fast as possible! My husband was away for 2 days while all this was going on and I wasn't able to speak to him the day I went to the dr and he was SOOO rude. So the next morning I filled him in, he of course agreed the guy is an *** - he goes to him too. Or I should say ...went, because neither one of us will go back. My husband joked by saying " oh great, this is the guy we've trusted our health to?! Well, I've got to get all my stuff too from him to bring to another dr (and then totally joking says..) who knows, with this guy I could be dying and not even know it. My husbands point...something could be seriously wrong with someone and he might not even know!

I feel like the fool for even hanging around this long with this dr. I've never had a real good feeling about him and he always seemed to minimize whatever I was there for. Mind you I wouldn't even go unless it was really something. Funny I had an experience with him regarding a possible uti too. I went to him, can't remember exactly what for, but I gave a urine sample. He comes in to tell me I have a uti. I've never had one in my life and have always heard from people they are painful. Well, that's not even remotely why I was there, so I was very surprised. I had said to him..but I don't have any pain of any kind in that area and actually going to the bathroom is fine. He insists and gives me antibiotics. So I take them and come back after they are finished to be retested...he says I still test positive for it, yet I've never had any pain or any signs. He puts me on a stronger course of antibiotics..I go back and the same thing. Now he is questioning me if I know how to give a proper sample and all (embarrassing!) . So this has been 3 was now and is going to put me on a third antibiotic. I'm insisting its not necessary so he tells me to start the meds and he will send me to a urologist. Now I have been on antibiotics for about a month and you can imagine what I got because of that. I then went to the new dr, totally not expecting that I would have to be cathed, only to have him tell me NO UTI and probably never was. Niiiice. So, that is only one story of many, I'm such an idiot for not leaving sooner. I feel like I sort of brought this on myself for knowing he wasn't the right dr for me ( or anyone really) but not being proactive enough to find another dr. No worries now....I won't be hesitating finding another one.

Thanks for the support and encouragement, it really does mean a great deal.after my last visit with him I really was so mortified and upset. My kids are 11 & 9 and they even asked if everything was all right. I responded with...not really. The dr I saw was very rude to me and it upset me. The kids asked why, what happened. ( they know, and see, how I am always feeling and know I've been trying to get some answers) So I basically tell them the conversation, not to draw them into my problems, but to reiterate to them that they always deserve to be treated with respect and to always treat others with it too, how a callous comment can really affect someone so to always think before saying so etching that could possibly upset someone. They were so funny because they were so ready to defend me and wanted to know if I had to go back again if they could come with me so they could tell the dr how much I hurt and that I try really hard even though its hard for me. I told them I appreciated it, but I would only be going back to get copies of my records. They said they were proud of me for not going back to him ( which of course made me very misty at the little role reversal that had just gone on!

I'll keep y'all posted...thanks again.