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Gastritis and Omeprazole question...


This may not fully fall into reflux, but I didn't see a gastritis category.

In mid-Dec, I had a lump in the throat sensation after eating...It came and went, sometimes flared up, occasional minor flares of chest pain. Doctors had me eating soft food, eventually I got an endoscope (a week and a half ago).

The doctor says I have gastritis (no h. pylori though)...He wants me to go on omeprazole for 6 months. I'm really not in much pain or discomfort. The lump in throat feeling has gone away when eating. I'm just concerned b/c I've read things about omeprazole being addictive if taken over a long span of time. Granted, I don't want my gastritis to get worse to the point I have an ulcer, but I'd rather not become dependent on omeprazole, either (and I also read there are a number of other side effects tied into long-term omeprazole usage). He said there was only evidence of mild reflux.

Thoughts? Recommendations? I just started taking DGL licorice tablets. I don't drink alcohol or smoke and I'm not overweight at all.

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