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Re: OK, I just joined the wrapped club. Sore all over.

Thanks MountainReader and Meryas. Good advice. Day 3 for me. Still have that gas pain, but not as bad as yesterday. I have a rice bag to heat up and soon will. Thats a good heating pad. I walk a lot, in the house that is. I simply can't stay in bed. Have not had a bowel movement yet, but then again, not eating anything solid. I hope that's normal. I believe that would alleviate some of the core pain. Is Miralax a liquid? Of the five holes in my stomach, the lower one, by the navel, is the sorest. Feel like I've been shot. Expected though. I will try to stay in touch with this board after I heal. Most of what I read here in the past year scarred me away from this surgery. Hopefully my progress will be positive. I suffered with LPR. Thanks for the advice; always appreciated, none too silly.