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Re: Ulnar Shortening Surgery... how long is recovery?

Happy Valentine's Day! I had my first round of physical therapy two days ago, roughly 2 1/2 weeks after my surgery. As expected I was quite stiff. I could bend my wrist forward about 30 and backwards only 20. I could twist my hand palm down about 65% of the way, and palm up only 10. I could make a loose fist, but I could not get my pinky finger touch the palm of my hand without pain.

For the next few days I did my exercises as instructed 3 to 4 times per day.

In today's PT session I did much better! I could bend my wrist forward 45 and backwards 40. I could twist my hand palm down about 75% of the way, and palm up 20. I could sill make a fist...this time I could close my fist with my pinky touching the palm of my hand.

My physical therapist said that I am doing very well considering that it has not been a full three weeks since my surgery.

I am a little sore this evening, but I expect that considering we did push it a bit more today.

After reading all of the horror stories I prayed about my surgery and recovery before hand, so I thank Jesus for how well everything is going!

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