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Re: OK, I just joined the wrapped club. Sore all over.

bathroom issues are expected; at one week out my choices are constipation or use a laxative and then a day of diarrhea; sorry to be so blunt.

I know pain meds can cause constipation, but have been med free for 48 hours and still having issues. I took PureLax (CVS brand of Miralax?) it was a powder that i mixed with diluted apple juice.

I think if I could find a liquid/powder stool softener rather than a laxative that would be the best option. Haven't looked too hard yet, will ask surgeon about that when I see him tomorrow.

also, be sure to carry your "squishy" pillow recommended above with you in the car; seat belts aren't comfortable and bumps in the road also caused me some discomfort. Squeezing the pillow helped

best of luck in your recovery

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