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Re: brain fog, disconnected feeling

Originally Posted by starwater88 View Post
hi all,
I have this strange feeling for a long time. I'm having difficulties processing my thinking while engaging in a conversation with someone, and I have to constantly think what the next word should be. I have to read a few lines over and over again to digest the information. I cant remember anything. I mean I will look at simple word or string of numbers and try to copy them and i will get a wrong few time. It seems my eyes and my mind are not connecting, the hardest part is this general feeling of disconnect, like i am under some drug or drunk. I will write a email and I have to proof read like 5 times and I still get the words wrong. Also this strange feeling with my eyes, i will look at something and when I look up or in any other direction, it seems there is a little "jump", not physically jump, more of a mental jump. I have many many more symptoms, but i am not going to flood you with those.... Hope someone here can help me out.
Hey I been feeling the same for over a month now, it is the most horrible feeling ever. I can not concentrate on anything. For you does it get worse when there are loads of people near you? Also has it affected your studies, because I been unable to study lately.