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Re: Anyone try Valerian for Sleep?

Tell me about it. I have only used Valerian here and there. I have read that you need to use it more routinely to achieve the best results. Oddly enough the Melatonin produced the least amount of effects for me. Have you ever tried a natural progesterone? My MD gave me a prescription for this. It seems to help with the hot flashes for me but I still have major problems sleeping. They are trying to play with Estradiol with me too but this stuff makes me nauseated. I had a partial hyster. in 2007 and still have my ovaries but my hormones are all over the place. 1 week too much estrogen, the week after too little. This stuff is making me cross eyed. And trying to find a MD or OBGYN that will play with me (I am 33 yrs old) is difficult. They all just look at me and say "you are too young and still have your ovaries so everything should be working just fine". Well guess what, they're NOT!