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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

xx1944: I was also a myopic since age 23, or so, and had some floaters. Now I am 58. Just before I had cataract sx., some 11 years ago, it was getting really tough to see properly but I don't think I had too many floaters at that time; may be, the usual floaters that everybody has and lives with. Cat. sx. simply made the quality of my life much better - everything was cleaner, whiter, and I had 20/20 in both eyes with the IOLs, and later on came my reading glasses (+1.5D). Lots of floaters became a real issue for me only before the retinal detachment recently in both eyes, six months apart - they also happened just before the vitreous detachment in the left eye, but the dr said not to worry then as RD hadn't happened. So, in my case, the process was reversed - first cat sx, then vit sx - and that is not that common. Let's hope the cat. sx. improves your vision so much that you simply don't have to go throught the pain of vit. sx.