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Re: Please read

Sorry for the trouble you are going thru. It seems like it's a full time job in just finding the "right doctor" that 1 you feel comfortable with & 2 someone that can treat you.

I've been thru the rounds of trying to find the right team of doctors. I agree that if you want a 2nd opinion or more then go for it. Some doctors have this swelled head in that they are shocked that someone questions their opinions.

I have been to some great doctors and even when a "great" doctor suggests surgery I go for another opinion.

I've had bad advise as well. For example after my 2nd surgery I was once again faced with a problem. So I went back to the surgeon that did my first 2 surgeries. I thought he was good and respected him at the time. So an issue comes up and his advise to me was 1. lose weight & 2. take some aspirin. Well after 14 months of suffering I ended up in surgery again. This time with a doctor that I think is the greatest. Turns out the advise of aspirin and losing weight was not the answer. I required surgery that resulted in placing Harrington Rods in my lumbar spine. Far cry from the aspirin advise.

But when the doctor that I saw and recommended surgery and harrington rods I made sure I got another opinion from a doctor that was affiliated with a different hospital. His recommendation was NOT to do surgery. He really didn't even come up with a viable solution for me other than surgery. So I went to yet another doctor again at another hospital for another hospital.

The last doctor finally said 1. you have to have surgery & 2 the surgeon that said NOt to have surgery well I wont or cant tell you what he said because he cursed out that doctor. Bottom line is that I had surgery.

So while it may take time and a lot of effort if you feel the need for more opinions for whatever reason then you are entitled to satisfy your needs.

I truly believe that while a surgeon may be great there is no harm in having a 2nd set of eyes look at you and give you an opinion.

Surgery of any kind especially spine surgery is risky and should not be taken lightly. We are talking about your LIFE and QUALITY of LIFE. So take the time and find that team of doctors that not only work FOR you but will work WITH you as a team so that the end results can be the best results possible.

Good luck and keep us posted.