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Re: Can't get PSA to zero

Hi Mia
I have been oof the board for awhile but came back on and noticved your post. I am a Gleason 9 with PSA 45 pre op in 2005. Roughly 3 years later after 1 year on Lupron, 1 year off and 1 year on the lowest I was able to achieve was .8-1.

I made the trip to Dr Myers and he has had me on Lupron, Casodex (generic) and Avodart intermittent triple blockade since. I have been successful in getting to <.01 twice during my on periods. However as soon as I went off it would start to rise.

Last summer he sent me to Sand Lake Imaging in Orlando Fl for feraheme MRI along with other scans. The MRI with Feraheme contrast was successful in identifying lymph nodes outside the area of my previous salvage radiation done pre Myers. I was in Orlando for 3 or 4 days and the only thing not covered by insurance was the Feraheme injection which was $1500.00 or so. In my case well worth it. Inmycase the F-18 bone scan showed nothing as did all the other scans.

I believe you must be referred by Dr Myers or Dr Dattoli from Sarasota. Dr Myers actually recommended Dattoli Cancer center for the radiation, Mike Dattoli did Dr Myers back in the late 90's when Dr Myers was diagnosed. I won't know the results for some time as they leave you on homones for a period of time after but the Dr's are very optomistic.

Also Dr Myers uses a number of stratagies to attack the cancer in those who have cancer that is resistive to first line hormone therapy. I find him to be have a great and positive way of dealing with patients. I only see him once a year when I comute to the mainland USA, the rest of the time I deal with him through his web site patient portal.

It is not inusual for Dr's to paint a negative picture for those of us with cancer that spread outside the prostate, with Psa's that don't drop below .05 after treatment even with hormones, especially if the start PSA was high and a higher gleason. However, Dr's that are on the forefront like Myers, Bravo, and Dattoli plus a number of others take a much more positive view.

All of the best


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