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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Hi. Im answering your post because your post came to my email which caught my eye and I also am new to this group and see how hard it is to get started with people answering you. I myself had my first optical migraine as I found out the next day what it was, when I was approx. 31years old. I am now 55, almost 56 and also found out 2 years ago that I have cataracts. 2 years ago I was told "it will probably be 10years before you do anything about your cataracts, but because of the severity of my nearsightedness they are already bothering me, like yourself. And, being a woman am in a constant state of panic. Like yourself extremely nearsighted having worn glasses since age 7, but extreeemly nearsighted, legally blind at 5/2000. I also have been to many doctors, I don't know if I have seen the "best" but I have seen and do see on a regular basis a retina specialist. While they all do perform full exams, I seldom feel like they spend any time with me at all, after the dilation period, and have questioned the Dr. on more than one occasion "why are you finished already" he simply replies "I don't see anything different" until now of course with the cataracts, which he is constantly telling me "don't worry about them yet" . Now, as far as the floaters go, I 100% agree with you in the way that no one on the planet understand how annoying they are. It took me at least a dozen or more years to really get "used to them" but on a clear day they stand in the way of everything and there is no way to accurately explain them to anyone. If they become worse after cataract surgery, well let just say the entire field of vision will be nothing but floaters and it will be quite challenging.
I was wondering: how long have you KNOWN about your cataracts? I see your floaters have been around for 8 years. My floaters came all of a sudden after an optical migraine occurred after a session playing the trumpet. I literally BLEW my eyes out. I imagine that is what happened as I immediately quite playing and to this day have yet to have another one. It happened to me at night, the very next morning I went to the Opthml. and he told me what he saw. Floaters and explained to me what I must have had. Said he it not come out in my eyes I would have experienced the worst Migraine headache you can imagine. I have met people who have them (optical migraines with flashing lights) all the time, but all my damage was done at one time I was never so scared in my life when those flashing lights came in the dark of the night and lasted 20minutes. The floaters immediately followed and have been with me ever since. I cope every single day, but like I said am quite used to it and am very thankful that I can at least still "see". Some years ago, at least 15 I asked my specialist (retina) is there anything that can be done about these floaters, as I was losing my mind.....he mentioned a vitrectomy was available but he did not recommend it as there was a 50/50 chance of permanent blindness. Reading these message boards, I imagine these odds have changed as it seems fairly common place procedure now, as far as I am reading and would not mind someone reading this who has had one please lmk what you were told before you had doctor, all those years ago, probably more than 15actually, totally said NO.

So again as you appear to be extremely nearsighted, I was wondering how LONG have you actually KNOWN about your cataracts, assuming your DR. told you right away when he found them in early stages? Or, What stage did he tell you you were in when he discovered them, and how long ago was that? Did he ever tell you how Long it would be before you would not be able to "take it" anymore? Will he do the vitrectomy at that time? All of this stuff is so new to me and I guess because Im so panicky my Dr. does not want to give me any info at this time....he still thinks I am going to have 6-8 more years.....I don't think so. I HOPE so but I already am suffering from a pretty bad case of "DRY EYE" yet another something new I was not ready for.....

Sorry for the long post, but it seems as if we have similar problems and you are more knowledgeable than I. Where are you in the country? I am in-between Baltimore and Wash. D.C. and was thinking about the Wilmer Eye Clinic at Johns Hopkins, Balt. Md. Have you heard of it? Do you have any experience with them? I have asked all around on the message boards of 4 different sites and no one seems to have any knowledge about them. Or they are ignoring me. They are supposed to be #2 in the country with somewhere in Miami FL being #1 according to Readers Digest this month, I believe. Or was it AARP? Now I cant remember where I just read it, cant remember - well this is a WHOLE 'nother issues, isn't it. Oh brother. Thank you for reading, please answer when you can. Mary.