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Smile Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Hello Misano and group...
I have not posted in a while but I hope I can help. Im in Miami, 65 and as you, been very nearsighted "forever"...from wearing "coke bottles" in school because they were supposed to be safety glass back then. I have posted much a few years ago here.
I had early cataracts in 40's which came from high myopia and poor eating habits lol. My implants were approx -11 and I was left with -2 and astigmatism. I was finally able to see!! Myopia then re-progressed to -5. Ten years later my vision deteriorated and wavy lines etc...from retina scaring. All issues are from our stretched eyes. What is your RX?
I finally took the chance on a vitrectomy and the healing process was long but I now appear to be in the 20/30 range, with several problems, but manageable.
The new theorys today also have changed the acceptable eye pressure for double digit myopia (which we are, even with implants, due to eye shape) to a maximum of 15 instead of 24 for glaucoma watch..
Anyway, hands down Bascom Palmer in Miami is the VERY BEST, there is no second place...except maybe Moorefields in England. I will help you any way possible, but this is where you need to make an appointment ASAP.