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Re: Having meniscus surgery Friday

Onyx I glad your surgery went well. Continue to rest and heal.

@Lauralie, today my son used my car as his was being repaired. When he parked it I told him to bring my shawl to me. Well, he forgot and was gone. My dh had carried our daughter to get a car. I didn't go because I knew it would be too much walking for me. I went to get it, and noticed that the car was not parked in the space properly. I got my shawl put in on, as I didn't have on a coat. I went to step back to where I thought the sidewalk was, and I missed it and stumbled back a bit. Since that little incident my knee, and the back of my knee has be a little painful. I immediately came inside iced my knee. The pain is a little sporatic at this time. I hope I didn't reinjury my knee.

I'll see how it feels tomorrow and Sunday.