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Re: Can't get PSA to zero

John, thank you so much for posting and sharing your experience. I wish you the very best of luck with your results!

We visited Dr. Myers last week and were impressed. For the first time, we do feel hopeful. In our case there is extensive lymph node involvement and just one small bone lesion. So far the only therapy has been lupron. Dr. Myers believes there is a >90% chance the cancer is still hormone sensitive. This is really key. Our local oncologist was perhaps 90% sure of the opposite. Clearly it helps to consult with the best.

The plan is to continue lupron and add zytiga, casodex, ursodial, low-dose prednisone; also supplements Full Spectrum Pomegranite, Super Biocurcumin, Lecithin; and a Mediterranean heart healthy diet with exercise.

A very nice surprise -- Dr. Myers' goal is *always* intermittent rather than continuous hormone therapy regardless of staging. His goal for us is to accomplish remission and then discontinue hormone therapy. Whether we'll get there is another story but I can't tell you what a relief it is to have found a doctor who thinks it's possible; even likely.

Now our dilemma is who to see locally as a partner for doctor Myers. We will see our current oncologist while looking for someone better, *if* he will accept taking direction from Dr. Myers. Any suggestions on how to find someone in the Columbus, OH area who will have a positive outlook AND be willing to take direction?


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