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Re: Follow up on car accident to

Originally Posted by pebblebeach3 View Post
I just happened to call my automobile insuring, missed you!ance carrier y help from t be be restored. ee ifto she the secondarthis morning to discuss getting an MRI of the cervical spine.
There may be some "NEW" symptoms that I have noticed such as intermittent numbness in my hands and spams/ involuntary jerky type of movements in my shoulders/upper arms.
So I was told that the doctors office has to send over request for MRI including the necssary codes and notes to support reason for MRI. She didint think it was an issue in getting the approval for the MRI based on my prior history.
But I questioned the deductible. The way it is set up is there is a $1,000 deductible then a 20% co-pay upto $5,000. Then after that the auto carrier pays 100%.
She indicated that since I am on SSDI and have a supplement to Medicare that everything goes thru the auto carrier and whatever balances there are they are billed to my supplemental insurance carrier. I dont need to contact my supplemental carrier since everything initially goes thru my auto carrier. They just see that approval was given by the auto carrier and are being balanced bill. She said that in effect I wont have any out of pocket expenses. I hope she is right on this. Has anyone ever done this before in billing their auto carrier first; then their medicare/supplement carrier bille.
Pebble now i just saw this post! I had 7 days of horror & 4 of those i couldnt use nookcolor b/c the charger broke & too bad to do pc. So, im glad that you most likely wont have any out of pocket expenses. When is your MRI? I know that you love them
so!Lol But, seriously it is very important to find out what happened in the wreck b/c
your neck went forward then backwards really fast & with horsepower behind it. Also,
the secondary help pain relief was great & i want to see if that can be restored, like
you do. Let me know how things are going, i missed talking to you & wondered what was happening.

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