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Re: Car accident

I am SOOO very sorry you have been going through all of this. I had a similar car accident almost 2 yrs ago. I stopped abruptly because the car in front of me almost missed his left turn so stopped short. I guess a few seconds went by and the next thing we knew was BAMM. A lady slammed smack in the back of my car, never hit her breaks, didn't try to ever away, didn't try to go in the right lane...nothing, just slammed into daughter who was almost 10yrs old was with me. So when she hit us, I instinctly turned my head to the right to see my daughter and tried to put my right hand out to her...even though she was in the back seat. The next day I was sort of sore and the day after that even more so. Then the next day was terrible and I was literally in agony for over a week. Every muscle in my body hurt , my neck was a wreck, and the headaches were unbearable. After numerous calls to my idiot dr, he finally agreed to send me for a scan of my head since we were over 6 weeks out and I thought my head was going to explode everyday not to mention I was nauseated...uuuhg. I have major back problems as well and was so concerned about how it would affect it.mi actually am still having neck issue almost two yrs later...I need to go to get a scan. My neck muscles still get extremely fatigued, headaches, PAIN, stiffness, crunching sound. I'm sure you are able to differentiate what is the old pain and what is the new. You know how you were feeling before and how you were feeling better. Really keep an eye on the slightest things that might be different. I am soo sorry because I know how something like that can set your progress back, and if you're like me, I'll take any bit of progress I can! I am also on pretty hefty amounts of pain medication..100 mcg .fentynal patch, tizanidine 4x a day, roxicodone 4x's a day, mobic....nice right, wish I didn't have to. So of curse whe I got hit, I really couldn't take any more than I already was. I wondered then and now if that pain med actually works for the neck pain. Good luck and hope things work out.