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Re: Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound

Originally Posted by GlendaM View Post
Hello there. I'm so glad you responded. So, the budesonide is a steroid for the inflammation? I, too, would be very curious about the bile duct damage. I would also ask about the possibility of benefit from taking ursodiol, just in case there is a component of PBC. One last thing, so your AMA is negative as well? It is rare, but it CAN be negative in PBC. For those who have PBC but a negative AMA, close monitoring with ultrasound and biopsy is important. As you probably know, those with PBC and other autoimmune diseases are at increased risk for hepatic carcinoma.

Please do keep in touch, and I'm here if you ever have any questions about PBC.

Is that the mitochondrial antibody? I had the mitochondrial tested and yes, it was negative.

The budesonide is for the autoimmune, it is used in place of prednisone because it has less side effects. I'm not sure if they are going to put me on Imuran with it or not. In March I will get a better idea of where I am going with my meds depending on how my body responds by then. I will definitely bring up the bile duct damage at that appointment.

Thank you!