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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?

I haven't been around for a WHILE! Sorry. Then I saw this and it reminded me of some struggles I've had over the years, so...
100mcg/hr is a LOT of Fentanyl to be on. There are dangers to "jumping off" an amount like that 'cold turkey'! It's not so much a matter of will-power, character, or personal strength. My concern is the huge degree of PHYSICAL Stress that hardcore withdrawal puts the BODY through, sometimes resulting in folks having-- seizures, strokes, heart attacks...
It is awesome to get off meds if you WANT to and if you CAN! There's a lot of Physical Therapy that you can do for recovery-- if it's appropriate for someone in your position.
For me, I have to remember that lots of people get stable on their meds over time, forgetting that it IS the meds that got them stable in the first place. Then they are disappointed when they go off the meds and relapse into the Pain Disorder... I have switched meds, cut down, increased... I take Fentanyl also-- because of Ulcerative Colitis (oral meds don't get into my blood stream predictably). I know what you mean about not feeling "in control"-- but at least the dosage is consistent!

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