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Re: Extreme fatigue for years - still no diagnosis

I didn't read the entire thread, so don't know if this has been suggested, but you may have parasites. Don't believe doctors who tell you they don't exist. I had IBS, CFS, and Fibro for many years before I finally was properly diagnosed. By then, so much damage was done that I could not be entirely cured, but I'm much better and live a near normal life now.

What makes me think you may have parasites is the itchy eyes, because that's what my first sign was that something was wrong. I could actually feel things crawling in my eyes and they watered all the time. I was reading that most people who are diagnosed with certain parasites first come in because of eye problems.

If you have or work around animals, eat rare meat or raw fish, or walk barefoot on the beach or in your yard, you can pick up parasites. You can even pick them up from not washing your hands before eating after petting your cat or dog, or not properly washing food that comes from a tropical country. I got mine (they think) from gardening barefoot and without gloves in land that used to house farm animals and poultry.

The sad part is that the stool test, the main means of diagnosis in the U.S., is useless and in error 70% of the time. There is a blood test called ELISA if you can talk your doctor into giving it to you that detects antibodies in your blood that are caused by the parasites. Sometimes they can even find the parasites themselves in your blood.

The one I have, strongyloides stercoralis, is endemic to the subtropical US (almost the entire south) and 4% of people in West Virginia have it, but doctors will still tell you it can't be gotten here. They fail to take into consideration all the imported foods and people and immigrants coming into this country every day carrying God knows what.

There is a good herbal parasite cleanse called Humaworm. I don't work for them, and don't make any money from recommending them. I used it and it didn't cure my parasite, because it can't be cured, but it let me know what I had. I had other things besides. When all was said and done, I had 5 different parasites in my body, including two different tapeworms, hookworms, strongyloides, pinworms, and systemic candida. I did not get better overnight, but the first round of Humaworm helped tremendously. Cured my IBS completely, and it was so bad I was doubled over in pain in the bathroom every night. I took two rounds before most of the symptoms started to go away. On the second round, the strongyloides started coming out of my skin. I went to the doctor and showed him, and that's when he ordered the ELISA test.

I know this isn't a popular topic, but parasites are becoming epidemic in this country, and doctors here aren't equipped to diagnose or treat them. If you can find a doctor who immigrated here from India or a tropical country, go to them. They are much more likely to believe you.