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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

I had gone to my primary care doctor for migraines (and even though I had medical records dating years w/migraines and meds for it) he wanted me to come in every time I had a headache because he needed to see it for himself. I went to him for leg pain and he told me it was bursitis, rest and take ibuprofen. I could tell more stories with regards to him but what ultimately happened was I had to go to the walk-in clinic that he also was tied in to, because of extreme back pain. The nurse there told me to go to a pain specialist, one that she also worked at. At my next appt I TOLD him that I wanted a referral to go there. He huffed and puffed but by the end of the appt he gave me one. That was the best thing I could've ever done! I was recently diagnosed with FM and although I'm still in pain, I at least have a doctor who believes me. I am being treated for it with meds, infusions, etc. Exercising is my next step. Because its winter here and its C ~ O ~ L ~ D I haven't been walking but soon it will warm up! Good luck to you!