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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

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Good luck!
I am setting an appointment with a primary that specializes in internal medicine. Maybe I will have better luck with her.
I know my ex-primary kept blowing off my hypothyroidism. I recently found out that she has kept me on a dosage that is a starter point for someone over the age of 50 with heart issues.
35 years old and no heart issues - I also read that birth control pills bind with my hypothyroid medication (T4) and she recently prescribed that without increasing dosage. Also, a blood test to check the levels should be done every 2 - 4 months when first diagnosed. She checked once a year. My Free T4 was only 8% when it should be around 50 - 80-% No wonder I kept getting worse!

It has been a painfully rough and medically stressful three years, but I was very relieved that I failed the fibromyalgia tender point exam. I did get the Rheumy to let me try a new thyroid medication and am taking the old and the new. I still need to give it time, but am hopeful! I am hoping the internist will help me with this.

I am seriously going to be angry if it was my thyroid all along! I kept bringing that up to the primary and her response was, "Levels are fine"

Throbbing headaches, migraines, joint pain, exhaustion, light headed days, muscle cramps, stabbing pains, etc..
Tests: Electromyography(EMG), Nerve Conduction Study(NCS), MRI, Lots of Blood Tests, CT scan, laparoscopy surgery
Doctors: ENT, Neurologist, Oral Surgeon, Allergist, Gynocologist/surgeon, Rheumatologist, Eye Doctor

All for a search for an answer - things just kept getting worse.

I think someone owes me a refund for not just trying a higher T4 in the beginning.. lol
I am not implying that yours is all thyroid - I would have no idea. I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn't of found all this out without having a copy of all my bloodwork and some wonderful women on the thyroid disorder board!
I was initially here - and everyone was so helpful - so I am still lingering. How can so many doctors be so wrong?

I wish you the best!
Your post reads like I wrote this. I started having problems at 39, not counting the migraines at 37, and now I'm told it's Fibro. I found a functional medicine doc who takes my insurance, he's trying me on Diflucan and checking me for coinfections (bloodwork at Qwest labs, nothing expensive), and I'm hopeful he can get me back up and running. I have been sick since 2010. I just stopped taking pain meds last month, I was tired of them, so now it's me dealing with all this. It's hard to have a good quality of life when you're in pain. That heel pain you have, I have it too, if I'm on my feet too much (like at a theme park) I am barely able to walk, for those days I need pain meds I'm afraid. I wake up feeling some I've been in a wrestling match, or other things just hit me and it's confusing. I know this is hard, takes the wind out of your sails. I see a very mild imporvement with the start of my Diflucan, mainly in the muscle aches (my stomach is the worst but tonight it's not so bad). Check out a new doc and see if he or she can run some tests on your, I am learning that those of us with fibro can have another bugs at the same time, mainly because our immune system is down.