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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?

Hello. How's things going for you now? I was up to 100 mcg. on the Fentanyl patch 18 months ago. Because of a fast move to AZ., from Cali., I wasn't able to get my refills again. (not going to go into details of why. It was personal family business). All I had for withdrawal was Klonopin 1mg. I ended up having a seizure and was in so much pain that it even hurt to breathe. It was about the most painful and agonizing 2 weeks of my life. And that was even by taking a benzo. If anyone ever tells you it's no biggy, and you can get through it, they've never been through it before. It's so dangerous. And then no Pain Dr. or ER or Primary Care wants to take on someone in that kind of shape! That's got "drug addict" written all over it to them. The ER's would barely give me a couple Tramadol, but noone will give someone like me in that condition a narcotic. What a horrible place to ever be in. Noone deserves that.

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