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Re: Viral Laberynthitis

Hi there
I can totally understand how you feel.
Mine started nearly 8 months ago and was so bad (long story and lots of posts) last year,I too was soooo bad I was off work for 10 weeks and went back phased for 6 weeks as still wasnt right and to this day I am still suffering,it took me nearly 4 months before the doctor would refer me to ENT and it then has taken another 4 months to get to see them which was only yesterday morning.
The short story is that I am 80% better but do has residual symptoms,sometimes I just feel weird/off balance and the it's certain head movements that make it feel even worse hence when i saw the ENT yesterday he seemed to think I have BPPV and took no messing and got me on the couch to perform the Epley maneuver which I was not expecting and hadn't tried before as my physio had said she thinks Its residual symptoms of the Labrythitus so gave me exercises to do which i do sometimes if I'm honest,anyway the ENT yesterday said I should do the Epley daily for a week then reduce to 3 or 4 times a week and he then said it should go !mmmm
I have to say it doesnt feel good at all when its being done but will persevere.
Hope this is helpful.

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