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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

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I really appreciate all the posrs from all of you. Each of you have lifted my spirits some with the fact that my dr apparently isnt the only idiot out there and there are good ones too, that actually listen and help. Too bad you have to go through the bad ones to find the good ones! Its nice to hear so many of you are finding out what's going on with yourselves and getting some relief. Thanks and I'll keep you posted!
I spent 2500 each year for my deductible since 2010, probably going to do hit it again this year too. I finally found a doctor who's an MD but he focuses on functional medicine. I'll post any positive results I get from this experience. He's the doc who told me I had Fibro, the Rheum blew me off, totally blew me off, and others said I had anxiety, which of course I do because I am ill all the time and I'm upset about it. Makes sense to me. I don't know if the new treatment plan will help me out, and I'm still going to see my neurologist and gastro, but it can't hurt at this point. I have a blood test scheduled to test for any coinfections. Pain, illness and stress can bring down our defenses, plus a lot of antibiotic use (or even a little), and we can get smacked with all sorts of stuff that just won't go away. It can't hurt to find a doc like this and consult with him. If you're like me, you've seen everyone in town anyway, what's one more. I know it gets embarassing. I don't even tell anyone when I'm seeing a doc now, and when friends ask how I am, I just say I'm great. I hope to be one day.

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