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Re: 3 1/2 week checkup

Been a while but here is an update. Some interesting developments:

- at 8 weeks I was 20:20 in my left eye and at 12 weeks I was 20:15. I ended up about a half diopter near sighted in that eye which I am pleased with. At my age a little near sighted ness in one eye is kind of handy and anything withing a room I am standing in is very clear. Maybe if I were a bird watcher I would do a touch up but I decided to move on to my right eye.

- I did my right eye 2 days ago and it is having a similar experience in terms of discomfort. As long as I drenched it with an entire dropper full of opt ice refresh drops every 15-20 minutes I had no pain. When itis wet thus letting the contact work as a good epithelium my vision I'd razor sharp in that eye. I am very hopeful.

- I may have figured out why my epithelium healed so fast. I have rosacea and was on doxycycline when I had the surgery. I have recently read that studies show that doxy accelerates epithelial healing. Not sure why they don't prescribe it but I have to wonder if that is why I was 95% healed in three days and had no haze.


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