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Re: I seem OK till it comes to Adult/Complex Conversations

I am 59 years old but have never once thought that there was anyone else in the world that has a brain that works like mine does. I'm not sure if it feels good or not so good to realize I'm not alone. I have always felt there was something seriously wrong with me but have never been able to figure out what it is. I guess in some way I'm fortunate in that I have been disabled for over 12 years. Anyone who lives with a disability knows that it's no picnic. But because of my disability and my husband I haven't had to deal with the horror of working. I refer to my inability to communication as "brain farts". I'm sure if anyone else told me I have brain farts I wouldn't be too happy but it seems to fit. I truly appreciate everyones openness allowing me to look into your world. I strive to stay home as much as possible in an effort to limit interaction with people. Of course I am very isolated and lonely to say the very least. When I do have to "function" in the real world it is very painful. I think the worst part about my situation is no one knows how I think or feel. I'm sure my family is aware there is a problem but no one has ever addressed the elephant in the room, especially me. I recently tried to communicate with one of my daughters her response was "obsess much?" Is this OCD? Has anyone found a successful treatment? The longer I live I find it is easier to just keep my mouth shut. Of course we all know that doesn't always work.