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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Hey CCW!

How was your trip to SC? How did your tummy behave? I bet you were one proud Papa watching your son graduate from Basic Training. Where does he go from here?

You had it right the first time... IBS-D is IBS with diarrhea prominent and IBS-C constipation prominent. I guess I can say I have IBS-DD <grin>

I am continually amazed at how normal my life has become. Old habits die hard I guess because I am still not comfortable leaving my house early in the morning, but once I'm out...I'm out and about all day. I stop for a bite, or go out to lunch with family or friends, and then continue BEING OUT.

I remember being unable to go to the movie theater for years. I would wait for movies to come out on DVDs so I could see them. Then I started going to the movies in the afternoon, always sitting on the aisle close to the exit clutching my bottle of water and snapping my peppermint gum to an internal mantra 'my tummy is fine, my tummy is fine'.

Now I go to whatever movie I want to see, whenever I want to, often grabbing a slice of pizza to smuggle in, or stopping at the concession stand for something yummy. And sometimes I just sit an laugh out loud from the happiness that comes with this type of freedom (and yeah, receiving weird glances from other folks!)

Keep smilin'