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Re: Sudden: Intense Anterior Left Hip Pain: Post Laminotomy

Thanks for responding SweetPeainSF! I had my appointment last week Tuesday and x-rays were taken. I have very minimal arthritis in both hips (“normal amount for someone my age,” which is 49). My diagnosis is “hip snapping syndrome and iliopsoas bursitis." I start formal PT this week (was given 3 exercises/stretches to start after my appointment last week). My sports med doc said that: “If I do not improve within a month he will order an MRI of my hips.” The ball of my hip joint looks great…but the joint space looks questionable to me (but I’m not well versed with hips). When I compare my x-ray (based on memory from my appointment), to that of “normal hip x-rays on line” I guess, mine is similar. (I don’t understand why standing x-rays weren’t taken…wouldn’t that show the true state of my weight bearing joint? I am still not convinced that I don’t have issues with hip arthritis or SI joint or that it IS from my recent spinal surgery). Hopefully, it is really just soft tissue trauma and I can work it out through PT.

Anyway, I will start my official PT on Tuesday and hopefully improve. I learned from my most recent sports med appointment that the deep stabilizing abdominal muscles totally SHUT DOWN after spinal surgery. That makes sense to me. And while they have been SHUT DOWN, my hips have been doing a lot of overtime in trying to stabilize, I guess.
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