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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

I wonder if the features of the macular cross-sections in my OCT scans on the two perpendicular axes at the fovea (one from nasal to temple, and the other from top to bottom at right angles to the first one), which are quite different from each other, can explain the differences in my perception of the horizontal and vertical lines. Both lines appear wavy and wiggly but the vertical lines have more of it - can that correspond to the vertical c/s on OCT scans? This combined with the "edge-detection" algorithm of the brain/eye/cone cells must have something to do with the different waviness/wiggliness perception.

Also, when I focus my attention on a thick black line, then its edges seem to be eaten out with "arcs," wherever I focus, and when I move my gaze along this line, this wiggliness moves with my gaze. If there are two parallel vertical lines closeby, like, bathroom tiles, then they appear closer to eachother where my gaze is at that moment (classic coke-bottle shape). If the line is diagonal, then I see a diagonal but a chopped-up line like an old-time PC dot-matrix ink printer. I write in detail these observations because it is not going away still (almost 6 weeks after vit sx), and I am becoming more and more aware of it, and frustrated. Has this happened to anybody else? Did you have to live with it, or did it go away after several months, may be, years on its own? I hear there is a medicine and injection-dose for reducing this waviness/wiggliness. But these symptoms can happen due to many other eye diseases, not just macular detachment, so I wonder if they apply in my case. Any thoughts?