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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?

Originally Posted by gmi123 View Post
Is there anyway to get off fentanyl patches with withdrawls? I do have Percocet 10/325 and I am wondering if I use them will I still have withdrawls? I have chronic pancreatitis and RA so honestly I am not sure if I can have a life without but it is always hanging over my head that I have to have a patch on. So I am wanting to just use Percocet so I feel like I have some kind of control. Thanks
Two weeks ago I returned home after a 5 day stay in the hospital. I have had three previous presentations of the same symptoms but never received a diagnosis. This time the drs found my lipase level was over 1200u/L and diagnosed it as acute pancreatitis. So I was given dilaudid iv for pain 2mg/2hrs and a strictly IV diet for 4 days. It managed my pain but when I was discharged all I got was a script for 4mg hydromorphone tablets, no instructions, and a severe addiction withdrawal problem.
My primary care doctor set up a schedule to decrease my use of hydromorphone combined with a prescription for clonidine and hydrooxizine pamoate. I got over the hump with this combination.
I have chronic pain from spinal injuries and need to continue that medication. In the past I was prescribed fentanyl, when I re-injured my spine and punctured a disk with osteophyte bone fragments.
I didn't have help to get off fentanyl then. It was hell for over a week. I lost nearly 20 pounds. I would not repeat that again without help.
Don't do this on your own.
Also, be careful about any pain med with acetaminophen attached to it. Kidney, liver, stomach problems can arise from too much use.