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Re: Is anyone else diagnosed with CPEO?

Thanks to BYU1972 and Campal for your posts and sorry for delay in replying. Yes Coventry is in the UK right in the middle not an especially pretty place but handy for travelling to other places. the botox was meant to set the muscles in place but didnt work also the shelved contacs may work for some who had more eyeball movement but not for me. You ask if my life has been good and I assure you it has been I am 57 and I think the main factor in this has been my husband we have been married for 32 years in May and love each other more each year . As far as working I have worked as a childminder in my own home and also helped my husband who is self employed as a bookkeeper but he has always been the breadwinner which has been a real blessing. In Britain I qualify for a low rate of allowance which was because a year ago I was registered partially sighted due to the lack of peripheral vision. Regarding pain and discomfort I can only say I have not suffered pain too much since my lids dropped as I dont get as much dry eye , I am aware this may be worse once I have the sling op so will have to use drops all the time, the reason I am having it now is because they have dropped a bit more and also they were trying all the alternatives first. I also get a lot of double vision due to the eyeball problem which to be honest does get me down as I would like to read more but find I cant for very long ,closing one eye helps.
I do hope things improve for you both and that you have good people around you , I am sure you will have as you are caring people who will attract others who care.
\i am still waiting for my actual op date but will let you know how it goes.

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