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Re: To have surgery or not

Please see my answer to Andrwe29.

But yes, have the surgery, or from my lengthy experience, it's just going to get worse. I waited too long to get mine done, and it tore all the way through, which I believe made putting it all back together much more precarious.

I am already on a lot of pain medication, and he had to give me a 24 hour nerve block to be able to overcome the added pain. The block was gawdawful! If you, or anyone reading this wants to know what the block is like, ill describe it. Yes, because of my med question, I had to stay overnight. The block wore off on the way home the next morning and I spent several hours philosophizing about the state of suffering. I didn't have the block or a night in the hospital for my second operation.

I believe my anchor came undone in physical therapy, but the doc said no. ???
Your doctor sounds excellent. He has stated everything I've experienced. Wish I had him. I started pt a week and a half after my first surgery and I think it was too early. Now for my second one, we are waiting at least five weeks. But you do have to have it or as Cathy said, you'll get frozen up. All I can add is to go at pt really easily.

About after surgery. Get very stretchy underwear so they don't get hung up on your legs trying to get them on. Get slippery pajamas to more easily struggle around in bed. They are hard to find, but the men's departments have some nylon ones that work. Bathing is hard. Before surgery, tie your arm to your side in the position it would be in in a sling, or ask you doc for a sling, and get in the shower and find out what it's like to wash your hair with one hand. If you can, go to a salon. That way you don't have to go through the ordeal of taping plastic over it, if you have to bathe before you are ok to take off the outer bandage (4 days). Then you can take baths as long as you DO NOT let the bandage soak. I personally found very stretchy shirts the easiest to get in and out of because I couldn't reach the buttons. And sweat pants. Cathy is right about the bra, but I have a husband for that. My hair is long, so a stiff headband works best. Forget socks and get loose boots..

I can not sleep sitting up, but we were fortunate enough to have gotten a very fine bed that I won't say the name of, but starts with T, and it made it so I could sleep reclining. You won't be able to turn on either side for at least a week, so if I were to say what has helped me the most with these two surgeries, it would the bed, because it is so soft, but with support. Before surgery, like the bathing thing, tie up your arm and spend 24 hours like that, and that will set you up for what you'll need.

I've had much more painful surgeries, but this is no cakewalk. And if you don't have to have it done twice, it heals fairly fast.

Best of luck to you. You have a good doc.

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