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Unhappy Menopausal Hell in need of menopausal help...

I'm in my 4th year of menopause. Why don't I feel any better? I have so many questions. I wonder if anyone can relate. I sometimes feel like my body went through a science experiment gone wrong. A couple of years ago my body just decided to put on weight. I ache a LOT of the time. I get out of bed in the morning and walk around like a little old woman because I'm so stiff. My feet hurt sometimes just in the morning, but at times it can go on for days from morning to night.

Vag. pain... it feels... irritated, sort of like burning. The doctors have done pap work ups, all comes out clear. The odor has changed. And NOW I'm having mouth pain and sores. Oh... and the usual hair thinning on the head, but a nice cropping of chin hair. GOOD LORD, I'm a mess.

I DO have insomnia (hence the 1:30am post), crying jags, fatigue, and occasional hot flashes. Not the incredibly crummy ones i read about with the instant sweat... that's something anyway... huh?

Please tell me I'm not alone... I feel like a freak.

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