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Re: help needed truely unsure what to do

Honestly, I wouldn't bother even asking. (and this is in no way meant to be judgmental towards you in any way, this would be for anyone) There really is no way a doctor is going to move you from a long acting to a short acting med for chronic pain. He has to justify his prescribing habits and that would send up a red flag for the doctor, so like I said, i wouldn't even bother asking. You would be better off explaining that the ones you are on now don't really last the entire time and ask him what he thinks you should do, he may want to add one more a day to give you the coverage you need.

Also, are you on any nerve medications and a muscle relaxer? Opiates don't really help neuropathy as well as say Lyrica, cymbalta, etc. Remember pain management isn't about getting rid of the pain 100%, its about bringing it down to a level that you can still function. Many doctors believe if you can get a 50% reduction then that's considered a good result. Best of luck to you and thank you for your service!

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