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Boyfriend, Alcoholic?


I am new to this board, and looking for support. I have been with my boyfriend for 13 months, living together for 6 months. Up until 2 months ago, our relationship has been everything I have ever wanted from a partner. Of course we have our small arguments, but what relationship doesnt.

Back in December, I started to become very concerned about his drinking. He drinks every night, usually 6 to 10 beers. His dad is an alcoholic and his brother has an adiction problem, so this also was a concern to me. As soon as I asked if he might have a problem, our relationship did a 180. He doesn't want to spend time with me, lies to me, and is very withdrawn. He was fired from his job as well. I have tried everything to work and fix our problems. He says all of our problems are my fault and takes no responsibility for his actions. I left for 5 days, telling him that if things did not change, I would move out. I went back to our home and 2 weeks later (yesterday), I have officially moved all of my things out of our home.

I am devastated. I have made it clear that I love him, and will stay with him if he would like to get healthy.

I guess I'm just looking for support. Sometimes I feel like I made the wrong decision to move out -- even though I gave him so many warnings. I feel like for my health, I had to leave. He is not abusive, but I could not take the stress of not knowing when he was coming home every night, him ignoring me, or finding his car parked sideways in our driveway in the morning, after a night out at the bar. Sometimes I feel like I over reacted to his drinking -- but this amont of drinking is not normal, correct?

Thank you to anyone who reads and responds to this message.

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