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Hair Thinning/Oily Scalp

Hi Everyone

After having very short hair cuts for as long as I can remember, I recently attempted to grow my hair as I have been suffering with a shiny scalp that I can't seem to get under control and my thinking was that the longer hair would disguise the shiny scalp.
Anyway I have discovered that my hair has thinned severely in the crown area and my scalp can be seen shining through, which draws further attention to the thinning hair problem.
I have tried many shampoos to control the shiny scalp but so far have yet to find any that can. After plenty of research I have opted for an SLS Free Shampoo to see if that helps, as I do suffer with eczema around the hair line from time to time.
My question basically relates to the thinning hair. There is no thinning hair or baldness on my Mothers side of the family apart from her cousin and my Fathers family all have very thick hair, my Father is nearly 80 and still has a full head of thick hair. I did have very thick hair as a teenager and was forever being told by hair dressers that I would never have a problem with hair loss !
I have also suffered with dandruff for many years and have used anti dandruff shampoos for as long as I can remember which I'm guessing haven't helped my hair at all.
I've also taken Minocin MR Tablets in the past which some people say can cause hair loss.
Do you guys think that my thinning could be caused by over using these anti dandruff products and my excessively oily scalp or is that just wishful thinking.

As mentioned above I have switched to an SLS Free Shampoo to see if that helps as my scalp has been quite aggravated lately.

Any advice would be welcome

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