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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

mlsano: It's CME, not CMD. CME stands for "cystoid macular edema," which 'tubint' says he has. It's the swelling on the macula due to a cystoid - search wiki again for "macular edema," better yet google it for more info. It can be seen on your OCT scans - these give the thickness distribution of your retina (cross-sections) in the central (macular) region from ILM (Internal Limiting Membrane the innermost retinal layer touching the vitreous ) to RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium - the outermost retinal layer touching the choroid) in different regions. If this thickness is larger than "normal" then, I think, they call it an "edema." This macular thickness is on the average about 300 micro-meters, or 0.300 mm, but at the foveal pit it is less, like, 0.255 mm; there is also a small volcano-like "mound" around the fovea itself which has higher thickness than elswhere, but that mound itself is very small in area.

Although my right eye has an ERM (some small wrinkles in the macula), the thickness is not that abnormal; on the other hand, my left eye has no ERM, but, 4 weeks after vit sx, it has portions which have slightly higher than normal thickness (beyond 95% normalized distribution). But, if you don't have CME, you don't need to unnecessaily bombard yourself with this info. However, discussing your OCT scans with your dr may help understand your particular situation.